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Outperforming Fear 2.0™ (Digital Download ONLY)

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Outperforming Fear 2.0 is an elaboration upon the first edition, updated with new philosophies, strategies, and methodologies to help you and your athletes confidently and consistently outperform their fears!

The true hero of version 2.0 is the workbook, a 38-page "action journal" full of deconstructed guidance that encourages your student-athlete to think critically, differently, and dynamically! Utilizing my 3-step approach to outperforming fear, each section of the workbook is full of exercises and critical-thinking drills & journaling prompts to help your athlete fully understand what she is dealing with when it comes to irrational fear and performance anxiety. 

Whether you're an athlete, coach, or parent, Outperforming Fear 2.0 is an invaluable resource to help you embrace vulnerability, broaden your understanding, and learn to utilize your fear for greatness!